Welcome to RSN IRC

If you're here then you've found your way to the web page for the RSN IRC Network! IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is a online communications platform / protocol that has been around since 1988. The concept is pretty simple, you connect to a IRC network, us, and you can then join groups of people currently engaged in a chat, called Channels, or if you know a specific person you want to talk to you can Private Message (PM) them.

RSN IRC is pretty much just something I, voice, am doing for shits and giggles on the side since I have the resources to do it. The network really is whatever you want it to be. Want a chat for technical stuff like game hacking/modding or OSes? Go ahead and make a channel for the subject then! Talk about how much you think Classic Sonic is better than Modern Sonic? Create #modernsonicsucks and have a field day with it! I have no end goal for this network. However being that I am doing this for funsies expect some experiments to take place.

Connecting to the network is pretty simple as well, you can use the web chat or you can download a irc client such as HexChat on Windows or XChat on Linux, OS X users, XChat-Aqua. Once you've done that use /server irc.randomsonicnet.org 6667 or one of the following ports if you dont want 6667: 6668, 7000, +9998 (SSL encrypted).
Network Rules

Rules to follow:
  • No ban evasion, channel or network.
  • No unsolicited advertising (spam).
  • No flooding channels or users.
  • No impersonating IRC staff or services. (/msg General_Zod staff)
  • Network staff are not the nanny police, someone says something you don't like you can use /ignore or /silence.

NOTICE: All connections to the IRC network are checked against DNS Blacklists to ensure your host is not abusive or compromised.

Failure to adhere to these rules may result in either a temporary or a permenant ban from the network. You have been warned.
Network Services
Being a typical IRC network I am employing the use of IRC Services to better facilitate network management and to help users, well...mainly channel owners... keep the peace. I am making use of AfterNET's services package called X3. The IRC server software I use is rather different and more simplistic than UnrealIRCd or InspIRCd. The use of these services will make up for the lack of fancy IRC Channel modes you'll often see on some other IRC Networks such as channel founder or co-founder modes. It includes your typical fare of IRC Services:

General_Zod (ChanServ) - As the names imply, Zod is the Channel Services bot, keeping records of registered IRC channels, their settings, recognized users, and recognized banned users. Pretty straight forward. To get started simply type /cs help or /chanserv help or .help in a chatroom General_Zod is in. General_Zod (ChanServ) will always remain in channels that are registered to it, there is no getting around this. Please configure your channel bots accordingly. Please remember that in order to use this service you need to have an account with NickServ.

MemoServ - This bot allows you to leave messages for other registered users. You must have a NickServ account to use this service. Type /memoserv help to get started.

NickServ - NickServ is the Nickname Registration Services bot and is what allows you to register your nickname on the network so that no one else may use it, nickname ownership. To get started with NickServ type /ns help or /nickserv help
In order to use all the other services you MUST have a NickServ account!

MetalSonic (OperServ) - MetalSonic is the IRC Operator Services bot in charge of maintaining network order through clone detection, network ban management, and network routing management. This service is only available to the network staff.

Global - Global is another service bot that you may recieve messages from from time to time. This service is meant for the network staff to be able to send messages to either the entire network or specific groups such as channels or registered users only. Any network-wide announcements will come from Global. This service is only available to the network staff.

In addition to the text based IRC chat services we also have a Mumble VoIP server set up. This provides a voice chat in a irc-like environment, no video however. To get started head on over to Mumble's website and download the client appropriate for your OS. I recommend you get the latest version that supports the Opus codec as this provides the best sound quality at the lowest bitrates.

After you have installed Mumble open it up and start a new connection, you'll need to create a new favorite and enter the following:
Server: sonic.us.randomsonicnet.org
Port: 64738
Feel free to name the server whatever you want.
General Info
RSN IRC uses a IRC server that strictly conforms to RFC1459. If you have a IRC client that is not performing correctly on this network but it works on another network it is very possible that you are using a IRC client that is not 100% RFC1459 complaint.

For this reason I strongly recommend that if you are to use a stand-alone IRC client you use something like X-Chat on Linux or HexChat on Windows. With that said please note that at the time of writing the IRC network is using just-out-of-beta software on the IRCd side and it is possible you may have encountered a bug, I am working closely with the IRCd developers in terms of testing and bug reporting so if you see something out of place please let me (voice) know.


Server: irc.randomsonicnet.org
Ports: 6697 (SSL), 9998 (SSL), 7000, 6668, 6667